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The BIG dream of Experiencing Spirit is to serve and support ALL Beings to be one with each other though their spirits.

How we do this through connecting our Spirits with each other since we are all one through Universal Spirit (God, Allah, Higher Source, whatever your name is).

We are manifesting this dream through our services, programs, and products that are uniquely
connecting YOUR spirit with supportive spirits. Jesus is a supportive spirit. You might be familiar with the supportive spirits called Archangels, such as Archangel Michael or Raphael.

Our premiere and proprietary supportive spirit is the ascended master teacher called Angelus.  An ascended master teacher is a spirit who has been in human form in the past and whose purpose is to advance human consciousness. Angelus communicates exclusively through Experiencing Spirit.  Join us in connecting with him.

Here are two examples of Angelus's messages:

We are all one: there is no separation.”

 “Uncertainty can improve a person’s life if they are willing to take that uncertainty and delve into the possibilities that are open to them and truly explore with the depth of feeling and spirit involvement what their own truth is and how they might act on that truth.”

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​​"Whenever I read or hear the wisdom of Angelus, my heart is moved! The personal blessings and answers I've received from him are always spot on and astound me! They open my heart and mind to more possibilities for Peace, Love and Understanding in my life.

Thank you Missy for sharing Angelus’s truly priceless and sacred wisdom with me and the world!"

Cynthia Stott,

Global Visibility Expert 

San Francisco, California

Connecting YOUR Spirit with Supportive Spirits