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Angelus is a spirit who is an ascended master teacher.

Angelus communicates exclusively through Missy Kalat and Experiencing Spirit. His purpose is to advance human consciousness. He does this by sharing his wisdom on the benefits of humans aligning their consciousness with their spirits.  

When this alignment happens, the result can be lasting well-being. And this well-being is beyond the thinking human mind and the feeling human body.  And this well-being goes beyond the human; it benefits ALL Beings, since "We are all one; there is no separation."


Missy has two other two major passions. The first passion is designing and implementing dynamic and flexible systems. The second passion is establishing clarity as the foundation of lasting communications.  Missy’s dream for her legacy is to create a virtual All One Community through community members experiencing their spirits.

Missy founded Experiencing Spirit to share an 11-year spiritual connection she has with a spirit known as Angelus.  She does this through the service, programs, and products that are offered through Experiencing Spirit. 

Missy Kalat academic training is in education. She has a Masters degree from Lesley University’s Graduate School of Education in Secondary School Social Studies Methodology followed by a Certificate of Advanced Studies degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education in Teaching, Curriculum, and Learning Environments.


Our Mission Is Simple

Our mission is simple: To help you connect YOUR spirit with supportive spirits, starting with Angelus, to improve your well-being and the wellness of ALL Beings.


Since our first message from Angelus in 2009, Experiencing Spirit has been helping people improve their well-being through his support and guidance.

Angelus is a spirit who is an ascended master teacher.

We help you through our Services, which include personalized sessions with Angelus connecting with Missy Kalat.

Meet Missy

Missy Kalat, CEO of Experiencing Spirit, LLC, is passionate about helping others bring more well-being and meaning into their everyday lives through spirituality.​

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