Would you like personal answers from the Spirit Realm?  Angelus, an ascended master teacher, is ready to answer any of your personal questions. TAKE ACTION NOW by clicking on Services.

Dude and Luna. Photo by Rick

​In this unique private phone session, Missy Kalat, CEO of Experiencing Spirit, joins with the spirit of Angelus. You will experience Angelus through listening to a special practice to open your Heart, as well as Messages and Blessings−all created by Angelus. This introductory session is interactive and requires no prior experience.  (45-minutes private phone session. Recording of session provided.)

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What's Happening at Experiencing Spirit 

We are developing the All One Community. It is a global virtual community of forward-thinking individuals and leaders advancing World Peace and Harmony from their collective spiritual perspective. It is founded on the universal truth from Angelus of “we are all one; there is no separation.”  We welcome members with diverse viewpoints, so that ultimately the perspective of all cultures and faiths are represented. This is our most recent and far-reaching venture to date. We are planning to launch the All One Community on Earth Day, April 22, 2017. 

We would love for you to be part of the Friends’ Feedback on the All One Community starting in January.

Here is another Personalized Blessing that Angelus composed for the spirit of Susan’s cat Raja, who has crossed over.


"Whenever I read or hear the wisdom of Angelus, my heart is moved! The personal blessings and answers I've received from him are always spot on and astound me! They open my heart and mind to more possibilities for Peace, Love and Understanding in my life.

Thank you Missy and Susan for sharing Angelus’s truly priceless and sacred wisdom with me and the world!"

Ways You Can Participate as a Friend of Experiencing Spirit

As a Friend of Experiencing Spirit, you can participate at any level you want. Here are some examples of participation:

  • Lend your good wishes and financial support.
  • Be the first to know what is planned, including social media alerts of upcoming events and services.
  • Join the quarterly “ES Updates for Friends” calls, co-hosted by us, LIVE and recorded.

There are four financial options for you to become a member.

Click on the one that interests you to begin our friendship. Soon after you join you will be receiving a welcome letter from both of us.

Experiencing Angelus Session

Raja. Photo by Susan

​​​Angelus inspires us every day to connect with his wisdom from his spiritual perspective about our personal lives and about World Peace and Harmony. Here are his four services. For more details and pricing,CLICK HERE 

Ask Angelus two questions on anything you like. They can be about your health, finances, business, or relationships. This exclusive opportunity includes support for composing your questions available through a private 20-minute phone consultation with Missy.  (Your Questions and Angelus’s Answers provided in PDF format.)

Here is one of Angelus’s over 3,500 answers to questions submitted to him by Missy.

Missy’s Question. “Angelus, from your perspective, what is a practice humans can do to get started supporting World Peace and Harmony?”

Angelus’s Answer. “A practice that humans can do, which is simple and produces amazing support for World Peace and Harmony, is to go inside themselves and find the Peace and Harmony within. I recommend that humans learn the practice of meditation, if they do not already have this practice; and allow themselves to experience for a few moments each day the power, beauty, and amazement of what resides within their own souls−a beautiful place of Peace and Harmony. When tapping into that daily, one feeds not only themselves and their own Peace and Harmony, yet contributes to the whole that stretches out far beyond the human body and feeds the Web of Life with the Spirit of Peace and Harmony. One does not have to leave home to contribute and all beings benefit from this simple practice.”

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Wisdom from Angelus FREE Audio Series

Two of the topics of this 6-part Series' topics are Human Thought and Human Well-being. I (Missy) am one of the co-hosts of the series, which is LIVE and recorded. Susan is the other co-host for the January 17th call on "Angelus’s Wisdom on Unconditional Love & Compassion." For more information go to Facebook and search "Wisdom from Angelus Audio Series - 3rd Call".  Hope you will join the 3rd call on Monday, October 10th, "Angelus's Wisdom on Human Thought".  Contact Missy at 508-815-9988 or if you want her to give you the call in information.

Cynthia Stott, Global Visibility Expert

San Francisco, California



We are thrilled to invite you to become a member of Friends of Experiencing Spirit (ES).

ES is an organization whose mission is to advance World Peace and Harmony from the individual’s and collective spiritual perspectives.

ES came into being by my (Missy’s) joy in the messages I was receiving from Angelus. Angelus is a spirit who is an ascended master teacher. I have been receiving messages from him since early 2009. I have indexed the over 3,500 messages from him. Later I incorporated Experiencing Spirit with my sister, Susan.

Our passion for guiding Experiencing Spirit expands as others share with us how what we are doing is benefitting them.

An Invitation to Become a Member of 

Friends of Experiencing Spirit

Services from Angelus

Please contact either of us if you have any questions or need more information. We can be reached at 508-815-9988 (Missy) and 321-277-5995 (Susan).

We look forward to you being a Friend of Experiencing Spirit and thank you from our hearts to your heart for your support.

Love and ES Friends blessings,

Missy and Susan

​​ And here is a Personalized Blessing that Angelus composed celebrating the lives of Dude and Luna who are beloved members of the Rick Paulus household.

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Launching Virtual All One Community in April 2017

Angelus’s Answers

​​From Missy Kalat and Susan Kalat Roberts

Personal Blessing from Angelus

Have a Personalized Blessing composed by Angelus for yourself, family member, loved one, loved animal, or friend to commemorate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and special events. Each ornamental blessing is designed by Rick Paulus, former White House Chief Calligrapher under two presidents. Give Missy a call/text at 508-815-9988 if you want more information about Personal Blessings from Angelus. For more details and pricing, CLICK HERE

Susan Kalat Roberts and Missy Kalat


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Join the Experiencing Spirit community!  A community that supports you through connecting with your spirit.  JOIN NOW by clicking on Contact Us and add your name and email address.

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Experience your Spirit through interacting with a Master.   Access to Angelus--a spirit who is an ascended master teacher--through a unique personal phone conversation with Missy Kalat. ACT NOW by clicking on Services.