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Combination of Services

Thank You Gift with Initial Order

eBook, Wisdom of Angelus, In Times of Uncertainty

(PDF Format.)

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Experiencing Angelus Session and

Personal Blessing from Angelus $157

(Valued at $400, Savings of 60%)

FREE Audio Series

Audio Series This FREE audio series of 6 topics is presented monthly starting in August 2016. Each 50-minute event, you will be guided through a breathing practice created by Angelus to open our hearts, read selected messages of his wisdom, listen to a discussion with a guest around his messages, and have ample time for your questions to be answered.

To access this series click here: www.experiencingspirit.com/wisdom-from-angelus.html  


Dude and Luna

Deluxe Combo of All Three $197

Experiencing Angelus Session, Ask Angelus, and Personal Blessing from Angelus valued  at $600, Savings of 67%) **(Get All Three for the Price of Two)**

Ask Angelus and

Personal Blessing from Angelus $157

(Valued at $400, Savings of 60%)

Personal Blessing from Angelus $97

Have Angelus compose one personalized blessing on anything you like, such as new home, birth, birthday, graduation, wedding, christening, anniversary, new job or business venture, and so much more.  In addition your personal blessing can be for a loved one (living or departed), including your family members, significant others, or pets. This ornamental blessing is specially designed by Rick Paulus, former White House Chief Calligrapher under two Presidents. (Provided in PDF format. Suitable for framing. Size of 5” x 7” or 8 ½” by 11”.)

Here are an example: 

Experiencing Angelus Session $97

In this unique private phone session, Missy Kalat, CEO of Experiencing Spirit, joins with the spirit of Angelus. You will experience Angelus through listening to a special practice to open your Heart, as well as Messages and Blessings−all created by Angelus. This introductory session is interactive and requires no prior experience.  (45-minutes. Recording of session provided.)

Individual Services

Ask Angelus $97

Ask Angelus two questions on anything you like. They can be about your health, finances, business, or relationships. This exclusive opportunity includes support for composing your questions available through a private 20-minute phone consultation with Missy Kalat.  (Your Questions and Angelus’s Answers provided in PDF format.)

Here are a few examples:

  • I am having trouble sleeping; what do you recommend i do?
  • At times I have low self-esteem; how do I to find my high self-esteem?
  • Why is there so much turmoil happening now throughout the world?
  • What can I do to contribute to World Peace and Harmony?

Experiencing Angelus Session and Ask Angelus $157

(Valued‎ at $400, Savings of 60%)

Wisdom from Angelus Services and Products